advantages of U-shaped kitchen designs

One of the most common kitchen layouts is the U-shaped kitchen! Read on as we explain the advantages and disadvantages of the U-shaped kitchen design...

One of the most common kitchen layouts is the U-shaped kitchen. U-shaped kitchens can be designed for small or large spaces and are great because they allow for ample storage and surround you with benchtops on three sides – so there is plenty of room to prepare and cook!


The U-shaped kitchen is designed for high-efficiency cooking and is the perfect example of the ‘working triangle’ we hear so much about in kitchen design – you can easily move between your sink, ovens/cooktop, refrigerator and butler pantry/regular pantry to get all the ingredients you need. The U-shaped design is often considered to be the most efficient kitchen floor plan because of its tight working triangle and the separation of the work area from the rest of the family. 

Three’s a crowd

One major benefit of a U-shaped kitchen is that two or more cooks can operate at the same time - great for when you’re entertaining or simply have a big family to feed! The U-shape kitchen design also lends its hand to less traffic flow which helps keep people out of your hair when you’re cooking.


If you use an island benchtop as one side of your "U" it creates space for guests to sit opposite you whilst you cook. Using an island benchtop this way separates your kitchen and dining areas, so you can cook and entertain with no fuss.


U-shaped kitchens are designed to be user-friendly. Having benchtops on three sides allows for ample cooking space and all of your appliances are easily accessible. If you want to maximize space then you can ensure benches are clutter-free by keeping your microwave, appliances or large cooking essentials in the kitchen cabinets.

Add a breakfast bar into your design!

U-shaped kitchen design advantages

  • Bench space!

  • Easy for two or more cooks to operate at once.

  • U-shaped kitchen designs help to keep traffic out.

  • Incorporating a kitchen island keeps cooking social.

U-shaped kitchen design disadvantages

  • Using cupboards and benches on three sides can reduce floor area.

  • Bottom corner cabinets can be difficult to get into.

  • A really large floor area can result in work stations being too far apart.

  • A really tiny floor area can sometimes feel too enclosed.

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