achieving a modern style kitchen

Getting the modern look is one of the most popular and sought after kitchen styles. It’s timeless, streamlined and is also one of the easiest interior aesthetics to achieve. Check out our top tips on how you can get the look at home!

Modern design will never go out of fashion. It’s timeless in nature and therefore, when executed properly, will never date or disappoint!

Choose your palette wisely

We have a few recommendations when it comes to achieving the modern look, the first of which includes incorporating crisp, clean lines into your design – the more streamlined the better! The other is to choose a neutral colour palette.

You can’t go wrong when working with a monochrome palette – think black, white and grey tones. You can explore our range of door and panel colours here, but some of our top picks would have to be molasses v, feta whip v, grey fig and coconut milk.

Our solid colour molasses and feta whip benchtops are a great choice if you want to create a seamless and streamlined look between cabinetry and benchtop.

It’s a material world

The use of materials such as metal, steel and wood are always recommended. Our steel frame shelving is the perfect solution if you are hoping to make a practical design feature out of your cabinetry. The open shelving allows you to create a modern storage solution while also injecting some personal style into the space.

Design tip: where possible, we recommend adding some wood or timber accents to bring some warmth to the space, as modern interiors can often feel a little clinical and cold.

Keep it sleek

When it comes to achieving a modern look, we would suggest going with our modern profile door or our j-pull and finer-pull doors for the handless look. Our modern doors are flat, with no detailed profile. This helps to achieve the sleek look that’s quintessentially associated with a contemporary aesthetic.

We would recommend selecting handles that are simple and elegant. Alternatively, you could go with our push to open hinges to create a flawless run of cabinetry.

Less is more

When it comes to styling your space, it’s always best to keep it minimal with a less is more approach. Try to keep your benchtops as clear as possible, making sure to store away any items that don’t need to be on display. This will also give you more usable bench space, which is always desirable!  

And there you have it, our top tips on how to create or inject some modern style into your home! Start bringing your dream project to life using our tips on how to achieve a modern style today!