achieving a coastal style kitchen

If you’re intrigued by a colour palette that evokes a sense of calm and transports you to your favourite beachside destination, then the coastal-look could be the interior style you’ve been looking for…

The coastal, or as some may call it, the Hamptons style, is an extremely sought after and desired interior aesthetic, and it’s not hard to understand why. Who wouldn’t want to create a breezy seaside-inspired oasis at home? Below we have listed a few tips and tricks that will help you achieve this look at home!

curate your colour palette

Muted, neutral tones are key if you want to achieve this look. Think, whites, washed whites, light greys and even muted beige tones. If you are feeling adventurous, you can opt to inject some colour, such as an ocean blue using our paint your own doors, which allows you to curate the colour palette of your dreams by simply painting our raw board paint your own doors.

design tip: opting for a two-tone effect is a great way to add tone and depth to your space. Here we have used nougat truffle on the wall cabinets and cremasala on the base cabinets to create visual interest.

it’s all about texture

When creating a classic coastal look with a minimalist twist, your colour palette will be fairly neutral, so it’s important that the space doesn’t fall flat. In order to avoid this, include texture and layered styling to make sure the space retains its coastal charm, while also embracing casual living. 

styling tip: we would recommending including natural-fiber textiles in your space where possible, such as textured rattan pendents, linen napkins and wooden chopping boards – layering these pieces will help to achieve that saught after beach-side style.  

it’s a material world

When selecting your benchtop, we would recommend choosing a surface that emulates natural elements, such as marble or wood, as this will help to bring the outside-in – a key component of the coastal-look.

If you’re leaning towards timber for your benchtop, we would recommend selecting a lighter color rather than darker, as it will add warmth to the space while also keeping it casual and cosy. Our cool-toned cashew nut customisable benchtop is a prime choice!  

design tip: did you know you can use our benchtops to create stylish open shelving? Open shleving is a great way to display personal style and feature some themed ornaments such as rattan baskets to really add to the look.

what’s your profile

Finally, when creating a coastal look, we would recommend opting for our alpine or heritage profile doors as they have subtle detailing that will help to add texture and character.  

design tip: handles are also a great way to inject some personality. Knobs are often a great choice for door handles and bar or cup handles work wonderfully for drawer cabinets in a coastal style kitchen.

So, there you have it, our top tips on how to achieve a coastal look at home, without having to go to the beach. We hope you can take some of these tips and use them to bring your dream project to life today!