accessorise your kitchen

It's the little things that all add up to make a big difference in your kitchen. Don't forget to accessorise your space!

Handles are the icing on the cake for your kitchen! They contribute to your kitchen’s overall look and feel by adding an element of style based on the design or theme. They can easily freshen up an existing kitchen and can create a minimalist streamline look in a contemporary kitchen. Matt black handles are very popular this year and work best in a modern-style country kitchen. 

Use our 600mm wire pullout baskets in your space!


There are many different storage options to consider for your kitchen. Wireware storage solutions will improve your kitchen’s functionality and efficiency. Wire baskets are easy to manoeuvre and maximise on your hard to reach space at the back of your cabinets. They can be installed in base cabinets, pantry cabinets and even blind corner cabinets.  

Waste bins

Today’s kitchens are constantly on display, so conveniently concealed storage is essential. Waste bins installed in base cabinets are a compact way to store and conceal waste. Nowadays, waste bins are usually divided into two; general waste and recycling, making it easier for you to organise and categorise your waste.