2022 kitchen trends forecast

Our resilience and ability to adapt to change has been challenged over the past 18 months, encouraging us to grow, push the boundaries and re-assess our lives, communities and our planet. These considerations have forced us to reflect on what brings us happiness and serenity and as such, will influence the interior and kitchen trends we predict will flow into 2022…

Creating an environment that evokes happiness has never been more important, it’s integral to our ongoing search for peace and calm in a world that has been turned on its head. Our home has become a haven, it’s where we work, homeschool, study, play and above all else it’s the place we are safe, so it’s no surprise that we want to create an atmosphere of our own that we love and are happy to spend time in. With this in mind, we have rounded-up our predicted kitchen trends for 2022…and we’re excited to see how these forecasted kitchen trends come to life!

calm and restore

The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened our self-awareness and increased our interest in wellness. With circumstances constantly changing, we are drawn to colours, materials and textures that ground and calm us. We will continue to see restorative muted greens, blues, soothing pinks, as well as warm woodgrains feature in kitchen cabinetry as these colours and textures aim to reduce stress and amplify positivity. Complementary green hues will be used to convey organic naturalness and growth – connecting us to nature subconsciously. Olive grove, kaleo and matchamisu are some of our premium door and panel colours that speak to bringing the outside-in from a palette perspective. 

Light and dark timber tones will continue to thrive, adding an element of textural warmth and rawness to kitchen spaces. According to the globally renowned trend forecaster Scarlet Opus, there is a desire for materials to visually accentuate surface textures. The natural character of wood is not only an interior trend but the authenticity of its texture makes people feel peaceful, which is a benefit that’s becoming increasingly important. We can also expect to see sunbaked, earthy, natural tones creep into interior aesthetics that integrate and work well when paired with greys and neutrals; this could be through accent styling objects.

natural charm 

Looking to the future, Scarlet Opus also predicts that there will be a desire for materials that give the impression of being textural but are actually smooth to touch, to satisfy our need for tactility in a time of disconnect. Not yet a thing of the past, surfaces that emulate natural materials such as stone, terrazzo, marble, concrete and timber will continue to be a used throughout kitchens in 2022 – all characteristics of a luxury setting. Their timeless character and tactile qualities make for the perfect focal point in a kitchen and are also a wonderful way to inject personality, working to really anchor a space.

simplicity and order

Striving to create an environment that fosters a simplified way of living and work life balance, constructing an organised, uncluttered space that’s free from distractions is key. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and more so now than ever, it is a space that needs to foster social growth and tranquility. It is a space some of us may work form during the day, and also unwind in at night.

With a focus on simplicity, including enough storage within your kitchen will allow you to store goods out of sight, rather than keeping them out on display, causing clutter and mess. This will allow you to gain control of your space and create a visual quietness that’s both calming, comforting and functional. Savvy wireware systems and compartmentalised inserts are a great place to start. You can visit our wireware accessories blog article to explore the complete range.

Kitchen storage solutions that encourage sustainable recycling are becoming a staple kitchen accessory. Our 15L+2x20L in drawer pullout bins are perfect as they allow you to separate waste, recycling and compost; including a carbon filter to assist in odor elimination – a must have addition to include in your kitchen design with sustainability always on the agenda.

organic forms

Following us into 2022 will be a focus on organic forms in interior settings; from curved walls and furniture pieces to statement island benches, we will continue to see soft, organic forms feature throughout the interior landscape. Think outside the box with your DIY kitchen projects – look at simple, cost-effective solutions to create eye-catching and functional features in your kitchen. Tap into materials that can be re-purposed, or recycle materials that would normally be disposed of elsewhere.

old school glamour

We will be seeing warm metallics and gold accents injected into kitchen designs through hardware and cabinetry accents, used to elevate and make a space feel more sophisticated. Our brushed amber gold cabo, vela and worn gold salento handles are a great way to get on board with this trend. Looking to make more of a statement? Our new trend colour, berry sorbet, is a rose pink with a hint of metallic, sure to make a striking impression in a contemporary kitchen design. Keep your eyes peeled on how this trend will find its way into interior settings!

personal touch

Our home is literally our playground, so it’s no surprise that there is a desire to put a personal stamp on our space (even more so than before). Kitchen design is becoming more considered, eclectic and personalised with a hint of nostalgia. In a time of such uncertainty, we have a strong urge to stay true to ourselves, leveraging our individuality. We will see personality injected into spaces through cabinetry, statement splashbacks and open shelving to display treasured homewares and trinkets that perhaps have sentimental meaning, drawing us back to our pasts.

Our paint your own doors range allow you to curate your own colour palette, empowering you to select the exact shade you’re after to bring your space to life, your way.

double duty areas

Continuing into 2022 (and likely beyond) is the desire to create multi-purposes spaces within our home that we can work and study from (with minimal distractions) – a permanent side effect of COVID-19.  Whether this be an extension of the kitchen, wardrobes or living room, the need to have a flexible and functional work station is something we are valuing more and more highly, and for obvious reasons. When designing a space, we need to take the reality of working from home into consideration, creating ‘double duty’ areas within the home. If you don’t have enough space to create a dedicated home office, remember a study set up can work almost anywhere - it can be as simple as adding open shelving to a nook where a desk chair and computer would comfortably fit, creating a cozy and creative work from home area, as the world embraces this as a necessity moving forward.    

There you have it, that’s a wrap for our forcasted trends we predict we’ll see in 2022!  As we look to the future, we can’t wait to see these interior trends come to life and we hope you enjoyed our take on what’s in-store.

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